I. Our dog guests may have up to 12 hours or more of play per day! This can lead to a variety of predictable situations…..

1. Some dogs may be very tired when they go home, especially if they had a multiple day stay with us. This decrease in energy will often last 12-48 hours.

2. Pets who are not familiar with playing outside for several hours a day may develop minor pad abrasions while here with us at Dr Boyd’s. A pad injury like this will frequently resolve on its own, without any medical attention. However, if our handlers notice any sensitivity or discomfort with your dog’s foot pads while staying with us, one of our doctors will evaluate your pet free of charge to initiate care and determine the most appropriate course of action; such as, rest, medications, treatments or therapies.

3. Pets may become sore after their long hours of play, especially if there’s an existing injury, osteoarthritis, or any other lameness (diagnosed or undiagnosed). If you notice your pet is limping or sore after getting home, please notify our staff and bring him or her in for a veterinary exam.

4. While staying with us, your dog may incur minor cuts and/or scrapes that could be located absolutely anywhere on his or her body. If any injury is thought to require medical attention, one of our staff veterinarians will perform a complimentary physical exam to initiate therapy and set up a treatment plan.

II. Many pets will lose weight while away from home, particularly when they’re playing hard and having fun…..

1. Many pets are less enthusiastic about eating their food when they’re not at home. Consequently, some weight loss is likely to occur in these dogs. We are very diligent about monitoring and recording both the amount of food your pet eats, and any noticeable eating patterns that he or she may display. If your pet consistently does not want to eat or is losing weight, one of our staff veterinarians will be notified and make recommendations to encourage your pet to eat more.

2. Some dogs will have an excellent appetite while with us and will eat absolutely everything they normally do; and yet, they lose weight because their exercise and activity level is so dramatically increased. If this situation is noted, it will be brought to the attention of our veterinary staff for further feeding recommendations.

3. If you bring your pet’s own food for us to feed, you may have some returned to you; or, we may actually run out of it before your pet’s stay is over. If we run out, our veterinary staff will determine which food to feed from then on.

If you have any questions or concerns following your pet’s stay,
please call us at (619) 260-6060
Doctor’s Hours: Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 11am-3pm