Kennel Cough


Kennel Cough is a term typically used to describe any infectious and contagious coughing condition that is spread from dog-to-dog. There are a myriad of bacterial and viral pathogens that can cause Kennel Cough; however, the bacteria known as Bordetella Bronchiseptica is by far the most commonly implicated pathogen. Accordingly, most veterinary facilities either recommend or require each and every dog to be immunized with the Bordetella vaccine.

Unfortunately, the Bordetella vaccine is not 100% efficacious. It is indeed good; however, not perfect. This, along with the knowledge that other pathogens can cause “Kennel Cough,” helps to explain why some dogs get Kennel Cough even when they were previously immunized against Bordetella.

Prevention of Kennel Cough is a high priority to all of us here at Dr Boyd’s. We’ve designed our facilities, requirements and operating systems in such a way as to minimized the potential spread of Kennel Cough. Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate episodes of Kennel Cough, we’re committed to as much prevention and early detection as possible. And yet, even with the best of intentions, Kennel Cough happens on occasion…. even in dogs who are vaccinated, and in facilities that are clean and well managed.

Unlike traditional daycare and/or boarding facilities, Dr Boyd’s Pet Resorts are actually veterinary resorts staffed with veterinarians and nurses every single day of the year. This allows us to act swiftly and effectively whenever a case of Kennel Cough is encountered. And, should your dog develop a cough from his or her stay with us, please know that we will do everything in our power to immediately treat your pet, all at no charge to you.