In case of an emergency…

<p>As pet owners, we tend to spoil our pets with love, treats and attention. &nbsp;Part of our normal routine may include taking our pet for walks, to the dog park, hiking and camping. &nbsp;In most cases, this is uncomplicated and your pets get to reap the benefits. &nbsp;So, what happens when the unexpected happens? &nbsp;What do you do when there is an emergency?</p>

Coyote Awareness: Protect your Dogs and Cats from Urban Predators

<a href="">Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort</a> San Diego and Irvine is especially concerned with the safety of pets in and around the Irvine, Orange County and San Diego areas. With the widespread development of communities in the area, coyotes are frequently seen in neighborhoods, becoming more accustomed to humans and more brazen with interactions and attacks on our pets. Whether you are curious to learn methods of deterrence, looking for solutions to keep your pets safe, or are interested in learning more about coyotes, this article offers great resources for you and your furry family.

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is a term typically used to describe any infectious and contagious coughing condition that is spread from dog-to-dog. There are a myriad of bacterial and viral pathogens that can cause Kennel Cough; however, the bacteria known as Bordetella Bronchiseptica is by far the most commonly implicated pathogen. Accordingly, most veterinary facilities either recommend or require each and every dog to be immunized with the Bordetella vaccine.

ATTENTION Daycare Customers!

Due to overwhelming demand and limited space, Dr. Boyd's Pet Resort is now requiring reservations for Daycare at both locations. Please call our concierge to schedule your dogs visit! San Diego concierge (619) 260-6060 <a href="">online</a> Irvine Concierge (949) 385-8737 <a href="">online</a>

Traveling With Your Dog? By Dr. John Boyd

Here are some helpful tips to consider when planning your next get away with your dog!

Cageless Boarding: What You Need to Know!

<p>Many dog-boarding facilities have begun using a “Cageless” style of boarding, and selling it as a benefit to you and your dog. The image conjures up one of dog’s playing and sleeping together in totally unity, and in complete peace. But we all know, dog’s are going to be dogs!</p>

The Importance of Understanding Canine Communication

The key to any productive and stable relationship is good communication. This is especially true in the bond shared between us and our canine companions. Since there is an obvious language barrier between our species, it is our responsibility to bridge this gap by learning how to make detailed observations about our furry friends. We can learn everything we need to know about our pets from evaluating their behavior, their environment, and lastly, the current situation in which they find themselves. Furthermore, in order to conduct a reputable examination, we must also answer the following questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

Dogfight Etiquette

Let me describe a scenario to you. A scenario that I’m sure we have all found ourselves in at one point or another.

Holiday Pet Hazards!

<p>The holidays are a fun and exciting time! From decorations, to shopping, vacations, and delicious holiday treats. Our pets, as part of our families, often are able to partake in some of the holiday festivities. While this is a great way to get some awesome Instagram and Facebook pictures, it can be a dangerous time for your pet too. At Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort and Veterinary Center we want to make sure that your pet partakes in all safe and fun holiday activities, yet avoids the potential dangerous aspects of the holidays. To help keep your pet safe, we have created a list of potential dangers that tend to be more commonly seen during the holidays. Make sure to avoid the things listed below, and we can ensure a safe holiday for all!</p>


Our dog guests may have up to 12 hours or more of play per day! This can lead to a variety of predictable situations