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Cageless Boarding: What You Need to Know!

<p>Many dog-boarding facilities have begun using a “Cageless” style of boarding, and selling it as a benefit to you and your dog. The image conjures up one of dog’s playing and sleeping together in totally unity, and in complete peace. But we all know, dog’s are going to be dogs!</p>

Traveling with your Pet!

<p>If you are thinking about traveling with your pets, here’s what you need to know!</p>

Benefits of Daycare for Dogs!

<p>Many dog owners scoff at the idea of sending their dogs to “doggie daycare.” But the owners who do in fact use daycare for their dogs tend to feel differently. Both the dogs and owners reap the benefits of dog daycare.</p>

The drawbacks of free-feeding…

<p>Free-feeding is term widely used to describe a method of feeding dogs and cats in which food is made available to the pet to eat at anytime. &nbsp;This feeding technique is most commonly adopted by pet owners who are frequently, or predictably away from home for extended periods each day. &nbsp;Another frequently sited reason to free-feed is that the pet has a bad appetite or simply won’t eat when food is initially put down for them. &nbsp;Regardless of a family’s initial motivation to free-feed their dogs and cats, the behavioral and physical consequences seen in their pets is undeniably problematic.</p>

Science reveals dogs really are good for our health!

<p>Science is only beginning to understand the intrinsic relationship we have with dogs. The mere act of petting a dog can cause a chain of events – instantly neurotransmitters in our heads do a happy dance – it’s involuntary. We feel good. When we feel good we are more likely to smile, and whenever we smile still more neurotransmitters are fired. That’s why experts say just smiling is good for us. Studies show that when petting a dog a hormone called oxytocin kicks into high gear. Oxytocin which is sometimes dubbed “the cuddle hormone” helps reduce blood pressure and decreases levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress and anxiety. Is there a case why petting a dog may be a substitute for and anti-anxiety medication to at least some degree? Possibly the answer is yes. As a result some doctors have suggested that dogs are sometimes better than Prozac. </p>