Dog Daycare

Advance Reservation Required

Please call the Irvine Concierge
at 949-385-8737

Our doors are regularly open from 5AM to 11PM everyday of the week. If you plan on arriving between 11PM and 5AM, no problem; simply call us to schedule your pick up or drop off by appointment and one of our night attendants will meet you at the door.

Dogs are pretty simple… they want to run, jump, play, chase, eat, sleep, and then do it all over again! When your dog stays with us at Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort, they will be participating in play groups, made up of both boarding and daycare dogs, which play together for up to 12 hours during the day. The social interaction, brain stimulation, and exercise that takes place during this time, works wonders on tiring out your dog! They will be exhausted, whether they go home with you, or stay here, at Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort for the night!



Single day rate starting at 7AM – 7PM - $41 per day

Boarding Extended Hours Care - $8.00/additional hour
(Available for those who would like to check in their dog early or check out late.
Enjoy additional savings and benefits by purchasing a package.)

Daycare prices can be “bought down” by buying a package!


10 day package: $336 - Just $33.60 per day!

20 day package: $572.25 - That's only $28.61 per day!

Monthly Unlimited (includes boarding for only $43 per night): $572.25 - That's just $19.08 per day!

10 day and 20 day packages expire 90 days from the date of purchase.

Package holders may enjoy the benefit of a complimentary 1hr. early check-in and 1hr. late check-out from daycare PLUS 1hr additional extended check-out when Boarding.

Have more than one dog? We offer discounted pricing when you have 2 or more animals coming to daycare. Call us today to learn more.


For those interested in a night on the town, we offer DateCare between 7PM and 11PM daily…outside of those hours, boarding extended care hours apply at $8.00 per hour! Stay out as late as you like, we’re always here!


Between 7PM and 11PM - $32.50 per day

Each Additional Boarding Extended Care Hour - $8.00/additional hour


In order to maintain our “Day in the Life” quality for all the dogs who participate in daycare and boarding, we have incorporated a midday two-hour break from 12-2pm for all dogs in the play yard.

During the Structured Playtime, dogs will be able to let their guard down and relax in their own room. We feel it is important to let dogs have some quiet time and a break from the high level of stimulation they experience with all of their friends in the play yard. Not only will they be able to eat their lunch or enjoy a frozen treat, but we will be conducting nose to tail health checks to ensure there are no scrapes or marks on your dog. Still want your dog to keep moving during those 2 hours? Aks about adding one of our Daily Enrichment Activities.


Our play yards provide ample space for dogs to socialize and play for up to 12 hours a day, whether they are here for daycare or boarding. Each yard hosts a play group of socially compatible dogs who have been evaluated on the basis of age, size and temperament.

For dogs that require special attention for any reason, we offer the Play Time Cycle. Dr. Boyd’s facilities provide additional yards for the staff to customize play, whether for one-on-one play time with our handlers or for specialized, small play groups. Every dog who is a part of our Play Time Cycle is offered a unique experience that allows for mental and physical stimulation, with periodic breaks to rest and recover.

In all of the play yards, our staff provide direct supervision at all times. The social interaction and exercise will find your dog tired and fulfilled at the end of every day! Ask about our daily enrichment activities!


We at Dr. Boyd’s understand the need of 24 hour care and convenience for our service men and women and first responders : military or veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, doctors, EMT’s or nurses. We offer a 10% discount on all of our services and we are happy to waive extended care fees on daycare.