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Welcome to Dr. Boyd's

This tour will guide you through our resort and the services we offer. Our identity as a veterinary resort means that everything we do reflects the professional oversight of our veterinarians and trainers. You can follow the tour on the map from room to room. You can also listen to any part of the tour by selecting from the list of recordings.

As you enter our Irvine resort, the concierge’s desk is straight ahead. At the back of the retail area, you’ll see the window into our calm and quiet grooming salon. In addition to helping dogs and cats to look their best, professional grooming can help prevent problems with excessive shedding, dry or itchy skin, paw disorders, matted fur, and more. We have lots of options for you to choose from, and we would be more than happy to discuss your dog’s or cat’s needs in detail. We will keep your grooming preferences on file, and we would also be happy to meet with you every time. Like all of our services, grooming is backed up by our full service veterinary medical team if either you or our grooming team have any concerns about your dog’s or cat’s health.

Moving clockwise on the map, past the concierge’s desk, is our full service veterinary hospital. We have an in-house laboratory, online pharmacy, operating room, ultrasound room, digital x-ray room and dental suite with digital dental x-ray. We use state of the art equipment to provide comprehensive monitoring of vital signs during anesthetic procedures. For many specialty surgical procedures, it is also possible for board-certified surgeons to perform procedures here in our operating room, with the full support and involvement of our veterinarians. For surgery patients, we also provide post-operative convalescent care, and this service is available no matter where the surgery was performed. Our medical team is available for support during clinic hours. If you have questions about any of the services offered in our hospital, please ask to speak to one of our doctors.

Moving clockwise on the map from the hospital, around the seating area, you’ll find our exam and consultation rooms. Our exam rooms provide ample space for your family, your dogs and cats, and our team to meet together. We want to create an experience that is transparent and in which you are fully involved.

Continuing in a clockwise direction, you’ll find the cat treehouse and its large viewing window. Our feline guests enjoy comfortable, multilevel accommodations. We have also created a space in which our guests can stretch their legs, climb, scratch, perch and just be cats. They take turns exploring the treehouse space. If you have more than one cat staying with us, at your request, they can socialize together.

The final stop in the seating area is a room called our Zen Den for our high stress Guest’s who need a quiet environment with a tranquil sound machine. Guests who stay in the Zen Den can enter and leave our resort without coming into contact with other guests.

On the upper level, overlooking the seating area, you’ll find our training department. We are proud to offer individualized dog training programs that focus on developing proper canine etiquette while reinforcing mindful human-canine interactions. Whether your dog needs help with socialization or is striving to become a service dog, we can help. Our unique approach to dog training will provide you with simple, practical and effective strategies for creating and maintaining lifelong, loving partnerships with your dog. As part of our full service team, our trainers work closely with our veterinarians to provide you with the fullest range of options.

Moving to the left side of the map, past the hospital, you’ll find the boarding bedrooms and the play yards. Our play yards provide ample space for dogs to socialize and play, whether they are here for daycare or boarding. Each yard hosts a play group of socially compatible dogs who have been evaluated on the basis of age, size and temperament.

For dogs that require special attention for any reason, we offer the Play Time Cycle. Dr. Boyd’s facilities provide additional yards for the staff to customize play, whether for one-on-one play time with our handlers or for specialized, small play groups. Every dog who is a part of our Play Time Cycle is offered a unique experience that allows for mental and physical stimulation, with periodic breaks to rest and recover. Ask about our Daily Enrichment Activities to add to your pets day.

In all of the play yards, our staff provide direct supervision at all times, and you can watch them as well via webcams on our website. The social interaction and exercise will find your dog tired and fulfilled at the end of every day!

We provide bedrooms for dogs of all sizes. Most dogs enjoy our elevated trampoline beds. As a leader in the Veterinary Hospitality field, we specialize in the Medical Boarding of dogs and cats regardless of their age, condition, breed, or temperament. When you arrive at our resort, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your dog or cat will be under the direct supervision of our veterinary team during our clinic’s hours. Should any health issue arise during their stay, our veterinary staff will address it immediately and keep you well informed while you’re away. All boarding guests are also invited to participate in daycare, once they have been evaluated, have up to date vaccines and fecal test, then will be placed in an appropriate social group.

Thank you for taking our tour. Please let us know if you have any questions. Our goal is to create a wonderful experience for everyone.