Veterinary Hospital

Providing Full Service
Medical, Dental & Surgical Care

Appointments Available:
Monday through Saturday: 9AM – 6PM

At Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort, we provide personalized care for every pet and pet parent. We will discuss all of your options during a private consultation, so you can be confident in our plan. We are available anytime to answer any questions and are happy to explain any recommended procedures in-depth, so you understand the process as well as the full benefits and potential risks. Please call to schedule your next appointment.

As pet owners ourselves, we recognize that your pet is a member of your family, and we will treat the situation as such. We will openly discuss all of your options, address all of your concerns, and keep you well informed every step of the way.


Veterinary Exam: $61.95. Unless you have a newly adopted dog or cat, then it’s FREE!

At your pet’s semi-annual or annual exam, our doctors will examine your pet’s teeth, eyes, ears, coat, weight and other parameters. At this time, we can also discuss any health concerns or subtle changes that you have noted in your pet. This allows us to have a flowing dialogue about your pet’s health and any recommended diagnostics or therapy. Please be advised for the safety of your pet, all pets are required to have a current exam for the year in order to prescribe or administer any medications.

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In order to have fun, each pet is required to be current on his/her vaccinations at the time of arrival for your reservation. However, if your pet is not current on his or her vaccines, we’ll administer them for you when your pet arrives here at Dr. Boyd’s.

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We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean, happy and healthy environment for your dog or cat.

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Lab Testing: $72.45

All Pets checking in at Dr. Boyd's must be free of all intestinal parasites as documented by a "current" fecal examination (within the past 6 months) which includes ova and parasite testing, as well as a Giardia ELISA test, antigen testing for Roundworms, Hookworms and Whipworms; as well as direct microscopic exam for all other GI parasites.

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Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort provides extended nursing recovery care for pets needing special medical attention. At Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort, we recognize that compliance with veterinary instructions is a significant factor affecting both the outcome of a specific treatment plan and the healthy recovery of your pet.

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Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort offers professional teeth cleaning procedures. A pet’s dental hygiene is vital to their health. The health of your pet’s teeth can greatly affect their quality of life; from discomfort associated with gingivitis, to the smell of your pet’s breath, we are dedicated to giving you and your pet the best quality of life together.

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We are a full service Veterinary Hospital and provide a variety of surgical procedures. We are committed to providing the gold standard of care for your pet while having any surgical procedure. These procedures range from a mass removal, to spays and neuters, to more advanced procedures.

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