Bathing & Grooming

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Tuesday through Saturday, 9AM – 5PM

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Wet dog smell!? That’s what dogs smell like when they’ve been playing with lots of other dogs and having fun! Baths are a necessity, whether you do it, or we do it! Your dog will need a bath after all those hours of playing! Let us get messy…We will give your dog either a sudsy Bath with The Works, including a blow-dry, cleaning their ears, trimming their toenails, brushing their teeth and expressing their peri-anal glands. Or we can give them a sudsy Bath including only a blow-dry. Whichever one you choose; your dog will smell gorgeous!

Grooming dogs and cats can transform them into new pets. Whether it’s a sanitation trim, shave-down, or breed specific cut, everyone feels better after a great haircut! We also perform de-shedding for those dogs who “blow their coat” leaving fur all over the house. Bring them in for an intense de-shedding, which drastically removes the fur that will be falling out soon anyway. Real benefits include, preventing painful knots and tangles, minimizing pet dander in your home, and help in catching signs of illness or parasites. Let our Concierge know at check-in if you would like a bath or a groom added on for your dog at the end of their stay. Dr. Boyd’s Grooming and Bathing professionals are here to help!



A sudsy bath with our Hydro-Surge Soaker, face wash, and blow dry - $35


A sudsy bath with our Hydro-Surge Soaker, face wash, teeth-brushing, peri-anal gland expression, toenail trim, and ear cleaning.

All Dogs & Cats - $55


Small dogs - $69-$85

Medium dogs - $79-$95

Medium dogs - $89-$105

Large dogs - $99-$115


Excessive Matting and De-Shedding - Starting at $30

Teeth Brushing - $5

Peri-Anal Glands - $25


Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort is proud to support our military! We offer all active military a 10% discount on all of our services. Please give us a call if you have any questions and we look forward to caring for your pet!


Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort Referral Program

At Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort, we feel that it’s important that you get recognized for sharing us with your friends, neighbors, and family members.

That’s why we have created a Client Referral Program that pays it forward!

Just refer Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort to a friend, have that friend mention your name, and whatever service they end up signing up for (veterinary, daycare, boarding, grooming, or training), YOU GET THAT SERVICE FOR ONE DAY, FREE!

For Example:

Your friend signs their dog up for daycare…You get one day of daycare for your pet FREE!

Your friend has an exam with the veterinarian…You get a veterinary exam for your pet FREE!

Your friend has their pet groomed…You get a grooming for your pet FREE!

Hurry and start telling all of your friends and family! Dr. Boyd’s, your pet and your wallet will thank you!