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Dog Boarding

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Our doors are regularly open from 5AM to 11PM everyday of the week. If you plan on arriving between 11PM and 5AM, no problem; simply call us to schedule your pick up or drop off by appointment and one of our night attendants will meet you at the door.

If this is the first time your dog has joined us, one of our dog trainers will evaluate your dog’s social behavior. This evaluation will tell us which play yard your dog will be able to join. Some dogs aren’t social, or do not like big groups of dogs, and that’s ok! We can either create special smaller play groups for our shy dogs, or place your dog on rotation, which means they are rotated out of their bedrooms several times per day to play with a handler one-on-one, eat lunch, or take a potty break. No matter if your dog is staying with us for 1 day, or 8 weeks, dog trainers, handlers, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians will be with your dog throughout the day, and keeping a watchful eye over them during the night. Dog Boarding at Dr. Boyd’s allows for any and all other services to be taken care of while under our care, whether it’s a day in our Grooming Salon, or a few sessions with one of our dog trainers, or that teeth cleaning that you have been meaning to schedule, Dr. Boyd’s provides all the services your dog could need! If our staff sees something that you should be made aware of, whether it’s a lump, or a limp, our veterinary staff will call and advise you, and if necessary, make recommendations to ensure the very best of care for your dog.

Dog Boarding at Dr. Boyd’s includes all meals, whether it’s our food or yours, any medication administration, all-day play, and all the love your dog can handle from experienced staffers!

Here's What's Included

Private Bedroom – Your dog has their own private bedroom that is used for sleeping at night, and meal time. We provide the comfy bedding, but please feel free to bring any of your dog’s comforts from home (a blanket or their dog bed).

Mouth Watering Meals – We will feed your dog wholesome, mouth-watering meals, or better yet, we will feed them their own food, to keep them on a diet they are used to. We will never charge you for feeding your dog, whether it’s your food or ours. Please let us know if you would like your dog to eat lunches as well. (Dogs expend much more energy at Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort than they normally do; we encourage extra helpings of food during breakfast and dinner, if you don’t want them to lose any weight!)

Supplements/Medications/Special Diets/Special Attention – At Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort we realize each pet has special needs, whether it is diet, medications, an extra walk, or just some added playtime or love. We feel compassionately compelled to give you any or all of these services, at no additional charge. These services are part of our standard care for each and every guest. Love is free at Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort!

All Day Play – Each dog wakes up in their private bedroom at 6AM and is promptly served the breakfast of your choice. All day play follows, where dogs will enjoy the fresh air in our oasis, which features various climbing structures, pools, and plenty of space to run, chase, climb, splash, and nap! We bring each dog to their private bedroom when we serve dinner between 6-7PM, and then bring them back out for more play before bedtime. At 9PM all dogs return to their private bedroom for some much needed rest. Our 24-hour staff checks on the dogs throughout the night and attends to any restless dogs.



Any Dog, Any Size - $61.95

Happy Hour Care - $6.50/additional hour
(Available for those who would like to check out their dog past their
personal 24 hour clock check in time. No “late fees”, no worries!)

Extended Nursing Recovery Care - $20 per night in addition to boarding

Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort provides recovery care for pets needing
special medical attention; we are available to give 24-hour care.


Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort is excited to offer a 10% discount for “additional” dogs and/or “additional” cats boarding overnight. Your first pet will stay overnight for our regular rate, but your second pet will stay at the discounted rate.


Overnight Stay, Additional Dog - $55.75


Here at Dr. Boyd’s your pets’ health, safety, comfort, and happiness is our #1 priority. To ensure that your pet receives the best care we can provide, please take the time to read the following so that together we can make your pets’ visit a positive experience.

– For the safety and comfort of your pet, please refrain from bringing oversized bedding containing fillers such as foam, Styrofoam, batting and other synthetic materials. Please keep in mind the larger the bedding, the less space you are providing your pet in its boarding area. Please feel free to provide blankets or flat fleece mats that will provide comfort, are easy to launder and provide more personal space for your pets’ sleeping area. We are happy to provide our bedding for your pets visit free of charge if needed.

If your pet requires medication or prescription food for its visit:

- Ensure that you have included enough medicine and prescription food for the entire length of your pets stay
- All medication in the original bottles with clear instructions
- Do not put in pre-portioned meals unless it is a powder, such as a probiotic or digestive enzyme

We cannot legally dispense medication prescribed by an outside veterinarian, nor do we carry an assortment of prescription diets for sale. We strongly encourage clients to provide us with pre-portioned amounts of food to ensure your pet receives the correct amount for each feeding.

– Please limit the amount of personal property you provide for your pet to 3 items. This does not include food, treats or medication. We suggest you bring your pets’ favorite blanket, toy and 1 item that contains your scent ( like a worn T-shirt). These type of items will provide your pet with some of the comforts of home and help reduce any stress or anxiety they may feel. For the health and safety of your pets, we provide stainless steel water and food bowls, so it is not necessary to bring your own.

All of us here at Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you and your pet.


Our play yards provide ample space for dogs to socialize and play for up to 12 hours a day, whether they are here for daycare or boarding. Each yard hosts a play group of socially compatible dogs who have been evaluated on the basis of age, size and temperament.

For dogs that require special attention for any reason, we offer the Playtime Cycle. Dr. Boyd’s facilities provide additional yards for the staff to customize play, whether for one-on-one play time with our handlers or for specialized, small play groups. Every dog who is a part of our Playtime Cycle is offered a unique experience that allows for mental and physical stimulation, with periodic breaks to rest and recover.

In all of the play yards, our staff provide direct supervision at all times. The social interaction and exercise will find your dog tired and fulfilled at the end of every day!


Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort is proud to support our military! We offer all active military a 10% discount on all of our services. Please give us a call if you have any questions and we look forward to caring for your pet!


Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort Referral Program

At Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort, we feel that it’s important that you get recognized for sharing us with your friends, neighbors, and family members.

That’s why we have created a Client Referral Program that pays it forward!

Just refer Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort to a friend, have that friend mention your name, and whatever service they end up signing up for (veterinary, daycare, boarding, grooming, or training), YOU GET THAT SERVICE FOR ONE DAY, FREE!

For Example:

Your friend signs their dog up for daycare…You get one day of daycare for your pet FREE!

Your friend has an exam with the veterinarian…You get a veterinary exam for your pet FREE!

Your friend has their pet groomed…You get a grooming for your pet FREE!

Hurry and start telling all of your friends and family! Dr. Boyd’s, your pet and your wallet will thank you!