Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort

When you arrive at our Rockville resort, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your pet will immediately be under the direct supervision of our veterinary team.

Whether your dog or cat is here for boarding, daycare, a doctor’s appointment or a bath, our team will be with your pet the entire stay. We make sure that all medications are given, all meals are served, and all the tails are wagging! If anything doesn’t look right, we will immediately advise our medical staff. Dr. Boyd’s is the safest and best choice when it comes to your pets. We have over 17,000 sq ft for playing, sleeping, bathing, and healing… and we are open everyday of the year!

Veterinary Hospital

We provide personalized care for dogs and cats in our fully equipped veterinary hospital. Our exam rooms provide ample space for your family, your dogs and cats, and our team to meet together. 

We want to create an experience that is transparent and in which you are fully involved. Our doctors do it all: surgery, ultrasound, X-Rays, vaccines, denstistry, and more…

Pet Boarding & Daycare

As a leader in the Veterinary Hospitality field, we specialize in the Medical Dog Boarding and Daycare, and Medical Cat Boarding. Safety is our #1 priority, we will assess every dog and cat who comes into our facility to make sure they are a good fit for our pack of pets and if that means that we won’t accept some dogs and cats who don’t fit into our mold, then that is what we have to do to maintain a safe and stable environment in our yards.

When you arrive at our Rockville resort, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your pet will immediately be under the direct supervision of our veterinary team.

Our People Are Everything!

We have developed a top-of-the-line leadership team at Dr. Boyd’s. With a staff count close to 30 employees, we have eyes and ears everywhere, this ensures the health and happiness of all the animals and employees in our care. Our staff is trained to have keen eyes on the dogs and cats in our care. If they see a limp in a walk, itchy ears, not eating, vomiting or diarrhea, etc., they make it known to the hospital staff. You will be
notified of anything unusual.

Always remember, whether it’s at our facility or somewhere else, dogs will be dogs. If any pet gets sick or injured during their stay with us, our veterinary team can jump into action without delay, it’s one of the many reasons our clients love us.

Check out our reviews, our clients have been
giving us 5 stars for years now!

Why Dr. Boyd's?

During these unprecedented times, our check in and check out hours are between 7:00am – 7:00pm. While we remain having our doctors on call, there is no overnight staff at this time. We hope to be running normal operations again soon!

Up to 12 hours of play and all the love your dog can handle!

All dogs need love, we don’t turn away any dog… for any reason. We have the capability to give them the individual attention they need.

Providing on-site medical attention to any pet who gets sick or injured while under our care.

Pay by-the-hour for additional care you need, it’s only $16.00 an hour.

Everything your dogs and cats need are here…a veterinary hospital, dog training, daycare, boarding and grooming!

Rubber floors, play structures, private bedrooms, barking kept to a minimum to reduce any anxiety, and lots of attention.

Fun and separate yards, pools, obstacles and constant supervision!

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11503 Rockville Pike
Suite B
Rockville, MD 20852

Phone: (240) 406-5496
Fax: (240) 406-5497