About Us

It's a "Vet Resort" Not Just a Pet Resort!

Providing full service veterinary hospital with veterinary supervised boarding, daycare, grooming & bathing 7 days a week! Our top-notch veterinary staff is available for the full care of your pet, offering your family personalized healthcare options that best suit the needs of your dog or cat.

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Open 365 Days a Year

Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort is staffed 365 days a year, meaning you can drop your dog or cat off for boarding at your convenience. Pick up is a breeze too, just call ahead to ensure your pet is ready when you arrive.

All Dogs Welcomed

Any age, any size, any breed, any behavioral issue, and any medical condition, no problem! We include behavioral testing on the first visit to ensure your dog is in the very best situation for their needs, whether they do well in large dog groups, small dog groups, or with individualized playtime and attention.

One of a Kind Health Guarantee

Providing immediate on-site medical attention to any pet who gets sick or injured while under our care. Our onsite veterinary staff ensures your dog or cat is healthy and happy during their stay. We’ll keep you informed on any veterinary care and provide you with the best option and after care for your pet.

Simple 24-hour Pricing

All inclusive hour-based pricing beats competitors without extra or hidden fees. A private bedroom with the comforts of home, all-day play, mouth-watering meals, and special attention is always included in your dog or cat’s stay. And as always, at Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort, love is always plentiful and free!


Dog Daycare is included with every overnight stay. 12 hours of play will provide your dog with exercise, social interaction, and brain stimulation – everything a dog loves and needs to be happy and healthy. Whether you pick them up at the end of the day or they stay here, your dog will be nice and tired for the rest of the night!


Multiple Indoor / Outdoor Play Yards

Where dogs can be dogs! We have a multitude of play yards to offer your dog the perfect environment suited for their needs. With plenty of interaction and play structures, your dog will have a blast exploring and meeting new friends!

Dog Dens and Playground Packs

Meticulously designed to be fun, safe, and stress free. Our dog dens and play yards are designed with your dog in mind. Private bedrooms ensure you dog will have plenty of space to stretch out for meals, naps and bedtime. Our playground packs are mixed with dogs that interact well together, ensuring your dog has a great social experience at Dr. Boyd’s.

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Meet Dr. Boyd

I always knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. While growing up in San Diego and Orange County, I was the guy who fed and took care of the family pets, the one who volunteered at shelters, and took care of injured seabirds. My professional ambition has always been to relieve pain and suffering, while at the same time educating and activating others in order to improve the quality of lives of dogs and their families wherever they may live. In 2010, after 24 years of owning and operating veterinary hospitals and boarding kennels, I finally had my ah-ha moment…and that’s where this story really begins.

After coming home a little late from a surf trip one Saturday night, I realized I didn’t have one of the new keys to my veterinary hospital. I didn’t want to bother my hospital manager because she was off that weekend, so my dogs spent the next two nights in lock-up, in my own hospital! It was then and there, that I finally realized we were doing “it” wrong. “It,” simply put, was how the pet care industry was caring for dogs.

Dogs are not possessions, dogs are our family members. Dogs are one of the most social animals on earth and for the most part, they have a desperate desire to be with other dogs and people who want to give them positive attention. Dogs are curious, playful, and of course, loving. Dogs simply don’t care about stone finishes, flat screen TV’s, or themed “luxury” suites, they just want to have play and have fun!

So, I sold everything and started over. I set out to create a new kind of pet care facility: one built to nurture the nature of dogs in a loving, compassionate, and safe manner where we honored their instincts and nurtured their desires. The entire facility, from the materials used to build our space, to operating systems and staffing was created in harmony to provide the ideal “day in the life” for each and every one of our guests.

I’m incredibly proud of what we have created at Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort and couldn’t be happier. Now, no matter what day I get home from a surf trip, I can go straight to Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort and pick up my dogs from their own playcation. I love that!

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