Frequently Asked Questions


Dr. Boyd’s is a full service veterinary resort, open 7 days a week, from 7am – 7pm. We offer a full service veterinary hospital, dog and cat boarding, dog daycare, grooming and bathing. We welcome all dogs and cats, regardless of age, medical condition, or temperament.
The webcams provide the best possible coverage of the yards, and your dog may be resting or playing close to the fence, just out of the view of the camera.
We do not turn away any dog based on their breed. All dogs are temperament tested before being allowed into our group play. Not all dogs enjoy being with other dogs, no matter what breed they are. In the case of unsocialized or aggressive dogs, they will have either time one-on-one with a handler, or possibly small groups of 1-3 other dogs to play with. We take our time in testing each dog, safety of our staff and safety of the animals is our number 1 priority.
We will evaluate your dog’s social compatibility with our other guests in order to create the best possible experience. If for any reason your dog is not ready for the large play yards, the Playtime Cycle program will offer your dog the opportunity for either one-on-one play with our handlers or small (1-3 dogs) groups under direct supervision.
Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort offers a 2nd family pet discount of 10% when boarding with us!
Yes, Dr. Boyd’s is a full-service veterinary hospital, and all guests are under the supervision of a full-time veterinarian and veterinary technicians.
Yes! We have both inside and outside yards. We prefer for the dogs to play outside whenever possible depending on the weather. All indoor yards are climate controlled.

Dog Boarding

Any time during business hours, 7 days a week between 7am – 7pm. We have no set check-in or check-out times.

Please bring all medications and supplements in their original, labeled containers. We will gladly administer any medications and/or supplements for $5 per day.

We must be 100% certain that a sample is from your dog in order to submit it for testing. Our staff are constantly cleaning, and if we do not observe the exact moment when guests relieve themselves, we cannot submit the samples.

Yes! Daycare play time is included with boarding at no additional cost.

We adhere to the highest standards to keep our facilities disease-free while accommodating a large number of dogs. Our vaccination and fecal testing policies are necessary to prevent the spread of highly contagious diseases.

All of our canine guests enjoy the play yards, whether it’s one-on-one with our handlers, or in a group setting. Unless a medical condition or temperament limits their activities.

All Playtime Cycle dogs enjoy personal attention and activity throughout the day as part of a unique experience that we design specifically for you. Every 2-3 hours, they will walk or play one-on-one with a handler, or if temperament allows, create groups of 1, 2, or 3 dogs who can play together safely under direct supervision, if possible. However, there is never a guarantee that we can make this happen routinely.

Most of our canine guests spend up to 12 hours daily in the play yards. Our Playtime Cycle guests will go for walks or enjoy individual playtime every 2-3 hours.

For the most up-to-date pricing, please check the Dog Boarding page at the location nearest you!

We will accommodate special requests whenever possible. Please call us to discuss your dog or cat’s needs.

At your request, your dogs can share a room. We will feed them separately in order to monitor each dog’s consumption, and they can be together at all other times.

We monitor all of guest’s food consumption and weight. Some dogs eat less while they are away from home, even when they are active in the play yards. We will contact you if we have concerns about your dog’s appetite.

Safe Care guests are under the direct care and supervision of the medical staff for their entire stay with us, and they occupy the limited space which is available to separate them from our other guests. The medical staff are solely responsible for these animals and our they oversees these guests entire stay.

Dogs have access to water at all times. For some dogs, drinking water upon arriving at home is a normal behavioral pattern. Also, some dogs drink normally in their bedrooms but can be shy about drinking in the play yards.

We monitor our guests’ food consumption and weight during their stays. Some dogs do not finish their meals when away from home, even when they are active in the play yards. Some dogs eat 100% of their meals but still lose weight due to the amount of exercise they get being greatly increased while staying with us.

You can make a reservation by calling the concierge at our resort. You can review all of our boarding requirements on our website, and you can fill out all of the required forms online as well. You can bring your own food, toys, treats and bedding

Your dog will be fed according to your instructions only. Please be sure to bring enough food and treats to last for the entire stay.

We can accommodate all guests of all ages. If your puppy is not yet fully vaccinated, he or she can board under our veterinarian-supervised Safe Care program.

You may bring bottled water for your dog’s bedroom supply.


A physical examination by a veterinarian is required by law to establish a doctor-patient relationship prior to the administration of vaccines or prescription medications.

Cat Boarding

Yes! Dr. Boyd’s offers the latest feline accommodations, and our feline guests can also enjoy a tree house space in which they take turns climbing, scratching, perching and stretching their legs. Visit us for a tour!


Yes, please request a reservation so that we can best accommodate your needs.
We offer several different cleansing products. Our salon department will assess the needs of your dog or cat’s coat and skin to decide which product would be best.
Of course! If your pet has a certain skin condition, or you have a favorite shampoo, we encourage you to bring that along!


Daycare at Dr. Boyd’s is a wonderful opportunity for supervised socialization and exercise. Your dog will enjoy a day filled with attention and activity.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated (and evaluated for social compatibility) in order to participate in the play yards. Dogs that are not yet fully vaccinated are invited to stay under our veterinarian-supervised Safecare program.

All dogs in the yards have been evaluated for social compatibility. Dogs that appear overstimulated or that display any inappropriate behaviors are removed immediately.
Toys and treats are in our guests’ bedrooms only.
Dogs can spend up to 12 hours a day in the play yards. Dogs in the Playtime Cycle program will enjoy walks or play time every 2-3 hours during the day.
We will work with you and your dog to create a unique experience so that your dog can be active and feel safe. Please ask us about our Playtime Cycle program.
Call us between the hours of 7am – 7pm.


Any time during business hours, 7 days a week between 7am – 7pm. We have no set check-in or check-out times.

It’s always a good idea to make reservations. This way we are prepared for your pet coming in and we can let you know if your pet’s vaccinations are out of date or not, schedule extra services, such as a bath or veterinary exam, if desired. Boarding reservations are strongly recommended, and they should be made at least one day in advance to ensure that the forms have been completed and reviewed.
Check-in time can take only a few minutes if you have completed and submitted your dog’s forms online. If you fill out the forms when you arrive, expect it to take up to 10-15 minutes, if no one is in front of you!